Political Lobbying should be illegal

Everyone knows it. Lobbying is synonymous with bribery-  plain and simple. Its about time WE as honest Americans put a stop to it. Make our politicians responsible to us and not special interests. This is the way the system was designed for the start.  All our politicians are messengers from us to the floor of our legislature expressing our opinions in a democratic way. It does not happen any longer and has not for a long long while. At the very least it should be totally ‘above board’ whereas we know who is getting money from whom, and for what reason. Lets go folks…Your comments…


About primou812

Will be 60 on November 17th. I have seen all the political BS over the many years and these people do not fool me one bit. The purpose of this blog is to expose this to more people and hopefully have a positive impact. Strength in numbers
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